The Basics

dred is a simple text editor which generally follows the convensions employed by most Windows based text editing tools. The following is a quick list detailing basic functionality that differs from the standard features found in other editors.

  • Use the ESC key to activate/deactivate the command bar
  • Config files are stored in %APPDATA%/dred on Windows and ~/.config/dred on Linux
    • A full list of supported config variables can be found here: Config variables
    • Config files are implemented as .dred files with each property being a simple key/value pair.
    • When dred is run, it first loads the config file in the user directory if it exists.
    • After the main config in the user directory dred will look for a .dred file in the directory dred is run from.
    • Use the "include" statement to load configs within configs. This is useful for things like themes.
    • Commands can be executed from within the config file with the "exec" statement.
  • Commands can be assigned to an accelerator (keyboard shortcut) with the "bind" command.
    • Example: bind "Compile" "CTRL+F9" "!gcc %"
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